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Posted on by Luigi Martinez

Primary purpose of the living room: entertaining guests


The main purposes of the living room are threefold: to entertain guests and socialize, to relax and enjoy oneself, and to explore one’s own tastes and design styles in a beautiful environment. First, one of other main purposes of the living room is to provide guests with a place where they can spend time together when they're visiting their friends or family. This room may used whenever guests are not in the kitchen or the dining room, or it may simply be used when guests first arrive and are mingling with each other, before the event at hand officially begins.

It's common for the living room to serve as the family room, where both guests and the people of the household can go to enjoy various entertainments. These entertainments may include TVs, video-game systems, and audio equipment to play high-quality music. However, living rooms are distinguished from family rooms and different ways. For one thing, given the purpose it serves and the items it contains, living rooms tend to be more formal in nature than the other rooms of the home, including the family room or rec rom. (One does not exactly associate “fireplaces” with “casual living,” after all!) Even though, in practice, the living room might have the same function and use as a family room, it is generally much more presentable and beautiful.


Thus, the design items—including furniture, lighting fixtures, and homewares—are of higher quality, and they are used comparatively less often than their counterparts from other rooms of the household. There might also be design items in the living room that you won't find in other parts of the household. Thus, for example a curio cabinet—in which a person or family can display all their high-quality sculptures, top-of-the-line dishware sets, and collectible items—will find its natural home in the living room, but not necessarily in other rooms of the home. A living room might also host paintings, tapestries, and other wall hangings, with other parts of the home being less likely to do so.


The living room as a refuge for relaxing and enjoying oneself


Second, the other, equally important—but woefully overlooked—function of the living room is as place to relax and enjoy oneself, whether on their own or in the company of others. As such, it makes perfect sense that—when a home incorporates a cozy reading nook as part of its interior design and aesthetic—this little nook is often found in the living room. What better place is there to enjoy yourself in independent activities—including reading a magazine, listening to music, or simply sitting back and enjoying the sunshine—than in the comfort and tranquility in the living room? Few places in the rest of the house, surely—especially when one considers that living rooms are often the location of large windows that allow the sunlight to spill into the safety of the home.


When it comes to relaxing with others, the living room is best enjoyed by taking advantage of its many comforts. It is an excellent place to hold conversations, even serious ones; watch TV together; or again, simply sit back and enjoy the sunlight streaming in through the large, bright windows.


The living room as your own, brand-new canvas


Finally, living rms provide homeowners with a place wherein they may explore their artistic and stylistic talents by experimenting with colors, txtrs, pttrns, and all kinds of furniture and design pieces. The items in the living room—including furniture, lighting fixtures like lamps, homeware, and decoration items, both seasonal and otherwise—might be of a higher quality than can be found in other parts of the home. Because the living room is meant for entertaining, it's the perfect place for these beautiful, well-crafted items, so that they may be properly admired rather than simply ignored or disregarded. This principle holds doubly true for fragile items that may be damaged if they are placed in other, high-traffic parts of the house, such as the kitchen or rec room.


This characteristic of the living room is seen not only in its higher-quality furniture and decorations, but also in the fact that it provided the homeowner with a canvas on which to paint their artistic designs. In other words, if the homeowner would like to experiment with new design ideas—including nuanced, subtle shades for the wall; crown molding; or a fake wall with a red-brick design pattern—the living room is a great place to try out these features. If they succeed, the room will look even better than before, and the ideas can be imported to other rms of the household. If the new design ideas don't look as good as anticipated, they won't affect anyone negatively, since guests aren’t visiting, and the homeowner can simply scrap the design and try again.


Furniture and accessories of the living room


So, how can the living room achieve these three purposes? Well, living rooms typically contain various kinds of furniture, including sofas, armchairs and loveseats; ottomans and pouffes; coffee tables and side tables; and glass-fronted cabinets, bookshelves, and cubbies. Thus, the items in this kind of room serve a dual purpose: they both display some of the owner’s precious items or collectables—including prized knick-knacks and elegant dinner sets—and make the room look comfortable and welcoming. In any event, all of these items serve their multiple purposes: of entertaining guests, and helping residents relax—thanks to the many comy materials upon which to sit or lie down—and to experiment with one’s own style design and choices.


In the case of the letter purpose, living rooms may also include features both decorative and functional, including fireplaces, trunks or chests, and tall lamps with wonderful, stylistic designs. With these kinds of items, the object is as visually appealing as it is practically useful. Thus, these items provide homeowners with the perfect way of not only exploring their own design ideas, but also doing so in a way that remains constructive and useful, rather than merely frivolous.


And finally, the living room is also a common place for families or households to place their Christmas trees, as well as other seasonal decorations. Thus, the living room is the spot associated with one of the most enjoyable, memorable parts of the year: opening presents shared by the whole family on Christmas Day morning, or exchanging gifts with extended family members on the night of Christmas Eve.


What kind of pieces can you use to decorate your living room?


If you're in the market for these kinds of items, then never fear: you need only explore the items we have for sale at Bitty Boutique Furniture. For example, if you're looking for items that will revitalize your living room and add a touch of class and style, then you can get the Contracted Leather Chair. This chair is made out of synthetic leather, and is available in a wide variety of colors, including black, pink, and green. It has a modern aesthetic, and the combination of the synthetic leather with the wooden legs makes for an interesting juxtaposition of material styles.


Another Bitty Boutique item you can consider getting for your living room is the Black Panther statue.


Black Panther statue.

This figure is made out of resin, and is either pure black or pure white in color, depending on which model you get. The perfect decoration for countertop living, it's about 45 centimeters high. While we're on the subject of sculptures, you're not restricted to concrete sculptures only. If abstract designs are more your style, there is always the Abstract Modern Sculpture.

Handmade Eagle Iron Sculpture


This sculpture, gold in color, is composed of solid metal, and its snaking design resembles curving ladders, the double-helix structure of human DNA, or even a great gold web of netting. It is medium-high as sculptures go—perfect for placing on a wide desk or table—and its metal structure combines well with other decorative pieces. In particular, if you're into metal sculptures like this one, consider mixing it with the Handmade Eagle Iron Sculpture—a beautiful, copper-colored structure that evokes the figurative shape of the eagle with its pointed curves and waves—and the Twist Figurine Fiberglass Sculpture, whose geometric resin design greatly resembles the most renown sports trophies.


Finally, every living room needs light and illumination. Of course, a great many living rooms will have their own natural light source, generally in the form of a window by which sunlight streams through, but often that isn't enough. Sunlight only comes in during the day, after all; moonlight simply isn't bright enough to maintain a solid stream of light. Moreover, if the view of the sunlight is obstructed—by, for example, a tree or other decorative features outside, which partially blocks access to the living room—then you definitely won't get enough illumination. Fortunately, you can fight against this by placing lighting fixtures, which are both decorative and functional, into your living room. Of particular note is the Atmosphere Floor Lamp. This lamp can be purchased in black, white, and brown, and has been designed with Art Deco style ideas in mind. As such, it's perfect for living rooms whose styles were influenced by the decades of the mid-1910s and the early Interwar period.         It features an iron finish, and it directs shade both up and down, on account of the fat, tubular design of its beautiful lampshades.

Atmosphere Floor Lamp