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Welcome to Bitty Boutique Furniture! This eshop was founded with the purpose of helping customers like you decorate and furnish their living rooms. So, if you're looking for a way to make your living room even more beautiful and inviting than it was before—or, alternately, to decorate it after a much-needed renovation—then you've come to the right place.


Geometrical Coffee TableHere at Bitty Boutique, we offer all kinds of items to ensure that you—and your guests—benefit from the best living-room experience possible. With that in mind, you’ll see that we have multiple categories for our high-quality items: furniture; decoration items, including seasonal decoration items; homewares; and lighting. We offer all kinds of items for you to test out in these categories. These luxury items fit in with all kinds of different style ideas as well, including aesthetics related to mid-century, country or ranch, colonial, minimalistic.


As well, if you're into mix-and-matching style item with various designs for an eclectic overall look, Bitty Boutique Furniture has got you covered for that, too. Regardless of the individual style ideas and aesthetics they invoke, the items we offer in our e-shop are highly compatible both with each other and with any other design items that you may have in your home. Finally, we also supply items that evoke specific concrete designs, including animals and the natural world.


Rhino Wood ShelfOur products come in all kinds of colors, too, ranging from the subtlest of pale hues to the boldest of bright shades. Many of these products have multiple colors for you to choose from, so that, if you like, you can choose a yellow or orange model for the bedroom, and a blue-green model for the calmness and relaxation of your living room. Thus, different colors of the same item can be used in different rooms—not just your living room—thus allowing you to maintain consistent designs across your home. For some more specific examples, our Geometrical Coffee Table is available in both black and gold, and our Lounge Bean Bag can be purchased in yellow, green, and grey.

Simply have a look at our catalog, and decide which one you think works best for you, taking into account your own personal tastes, style ideas, and—of course—the style that is currently part of your living-room layout. We source simply the best items from high-quality Australian wholesalers and manufacturers. In the pages of our online catalog, you'll find ornate, twisting sculptures made out of metal; design items meant to evoke the beauty of the animal world, like our Rhino Wood Shelf; adorable chairs and beanbags for entertaining guests; and modern style pieces meant to evoke a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

Fishing Floor LampNew items are added continually; we are always looking for the items most well-adapted to giving our customers the perfect home-décor experience. As well, we are always looking to help our customers out, so we can arrange various payment plans for our more expensive items. To this end, we are allied with the Australia’s Afterpay payment service, which allows you buy items offhand, then pay for them later—without worrying about any of the normal fees or rates, including interest fees, credit, or upfront costs. For example, with our Fishing Floor Lamp, you may pay the full price with installments that are as low as 35$.